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Damp Proofing Suffolk

A key part of the Suffolk countryside are the many beautiful listed or period properties finished in lime plaster. Suffolk properties have been rendered in Peter Strutton has many years experience in Suffolk damp proofing and offers many different solutions enabling him to advise on and deliver the correct option for your type of building and walls.

Some of the options are:

Tri Gel Damp Proofing

TRi Gel damp roofing is a great cost effective way to tackle and prevent damp in buildings with normal brick, stone and block walls. Tri Gel is a water based solution and easy to work with in an experienced damp proofers hand. It consists of a water soluble thixotropic gel designed to work with the brick and react to form a water repellent silicon barrier. The barrier then protects the brick, stone or block walls against rising damp.

Tri Cream Damp Proofing

Tri Cream damp proofing uses a special silicon emulsion cream which is injected into the brickwork which controls rising damp.

Tri Cream is available for most types of masonry and is easy to use as it does not need the high pressure equipment of some other methods. The Tri Cream is injected and converts to liquid which in tern them forms polysiloxane which providers an effective damp proofing barrier.

Triject Rapid

Trijet Rapid is an effective solution to walls which are suffering from a high degree of rising damp.

Triject Rapid is a water based product which is injected directly into the wall and quickly forms a barrier to stop the onset of damp. Triject Rapid's unique formula has the advantage of allowing a faster injection into most walls compared to other water based systems.

The formula develops a silicon resin barrier designed to stop additional damage, but allow existing damp to dissipate quickly and effectively by allowing the treated area to breathe and dry out naturally.

Electro-Osmosis Damp Proofing - Trimotic

Trimotic is chemical free using the technique of Electro-Osmosis. Electro-Osmosis works by inducing the damp to exit the wall by using an applied voltage. Water will naturally rise from the earth by capillary action and it was discovered in the 18th century that interfering with the process by using electrical osmosis allows us to control the movement of the water in a safe and effective manner.

Damp proofing suffolk without protection

Wall without protection

Damp proofing suffolk with protection

Electro Osmotic System Insatlled

This Trimotic system uses a platinum coated titanium anodes which is inserted along the wall at regular intervals. These plates are then joined by using a titanium wire to form a complete circuit. A low level voltage power supply is then attached to one end and an earthing rod attached to the other. The system then provides the electric potential needed to stop damp allowing the wall to dry out and repairs to made.

Once 'fixed', the walls can them be treated with the appropriate damp proofing solution to give a long term solution.


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