Strutton Lime Plastering
& Damp Proofing

Peter Strutton - Suffolk Lime Plastering & Damp Proof Contractor

We have a team made up of highly skilled craftsman and have over 15 years’ experience in this field. We believe that you should always maintain the skills of our ancestors and the respect to past craftsmen.

It is imperative to pass on and educate future generations these skills to ensure that they are never forgotten and lost in time amongst new housing estates, We need to always be able to observe these fantastic creations and so people can continue to enjoy.

We undertake interior lime plastering and exterior lime rendering partnered with timber preservation and damp proofing to offer a one stop company that covers all of your needs,
Just as important we can work with you to devise a contract in this climate to suit your financial situation, we must stress also ensure you have a contract (JCT) in place on larger projects and at least a specification of works on the not so sizeable.

We believe in working very closely with the home owner or client to make sure that what you require for you property and the works we are undertaking are as one.