Strutton Lime Plastering
& Damp Proofing

Wetheringset Suffolk

Traditional property renovation project for an amazing 500 year old barn in Wetheringset, Suffolk. As you can see this project involved a great deal of work and expertise.

We had to remove the old heavy doors and then fabricate and fit new doors. Due to the size of these old doors, all this work was completed on site. We carefully removed the decaying sole plate and brickwork and replaced it with new, being careful to be sympathetic to the integrity of the building. To help preserve the remaining original timbers we treated them of infestation.

We then removed all the old render on the clay lump barn and repaired the clay blocks. We re-rendered the barn with three coats of traditional lime plaster, straw and sharp sand. To finish we added two coats of fibre chalk and tress coast of traditional lime wash.

I’m sure you will agree, the end result of this property renovation is incredible and it was a huge honour to be part of the project helping secure the future of this fantastic building.

Services Provided

  • Replace decaying brickwork
  • Traditional Lime Render
  • Anti Infestation Treatment
  • Replace Oak Sole Plates
  • New Heavy Wooden Doors
  • Pigment Lime Wash


The old Suffolk barn doors

Repair to rotting woodwork

Litfing the stucture to help repair of wooden boards

Adding replacement woodwork in Suffolk barn

Old doors to be replaced

New wooden barn doors made and fitted.

Suffolk barn renorvation

Damaged render on Suffolk barn

New lime plaster for Suffolk barn

New clay lump added to barn

Finsihing the outside render of Suffolk barn

Durable lime plaster

Project showing traditional Lime Plaster

Final lime wash

Renovated Suffolk barn