Strutton Lime Plastering
& Damp Proofing

What is Lime Plastering?

Lime Plaster is a carefully balanced mixture of hydrated lime, sand and water. Lime plaster can sometime contain horsehair to help reinforce the mixture.

The mixture is applied to the surface of a building and reacts with the air in order to dry and become hard.

Lime plaster can be a difficult mixure to work with as it is caustic when wet. An experienced lime plaster will be able to take precautions to pevent harm to themselves, or those around the working environment.

Traditional Lime Plastering has many advantages over modern cement renders which is helping to fuel an increase in the return to traditional finishes with period property.

One advantage of lime plastering is that lime plaster is less dense and can 'breathe'. This allows the lime plaster to be permeable allowing moisture to escape from the walls. Trapped moisture will result in decay unless untreated so using traditional lime plastering will help in the long term care of a period property and help avoid any hidden problems in the future.

Many homeowners see the advantage of Lime Plastering, not only with the heritage of the method which adds authenticity, but also the specialist knowledge, respect for historical integrity and the quality finish a traditional Lime Plasterer such as Peter Strutton offer.

Many period properties will have both internal and external lime plastering and Peter Stutton can offer either a partial repair of any size, or a complete re-construction.